City of Towers

Sharn Inquisitive 16-4-998

Mol, 16th day of Eyre, 998



The Sharn Inquisitive received compelling evidence yesterday of a plot by warforged terrorists to reactivate one of the decommissioned Cannith warforged foundries in direct violation of the war-ending Treaty of Thronehold.

According to the Inquisitive’s sources (who wish to remain unnamed,) the explosion and attack on a House Cannith-owned skycoach at the southern edge of Middle Central Plateau (covered in S.I. 14.4.998), described at the time by Cannith representatives as an assassination attempt, was in fact a robbery targeting an activation schema that was to direct operations in one of the many House Cannith foundries.

Investigation by S.I. reporters suggests that the perpetrators of the attack were primarily warforged and other constructs, and that several of them had a symbol of a bladed gauntlet (pictured right) carved into their armor. Popular speculation in the past several months has linked this symbol to a terrorist figure theorized to be operating out of the territory once owned by Cyre. (see Letters to the Editor, SI. 17.1.998 and 2.2.998)

When asked for comment, House Cannith officials repeatedly denied any truth to the story. However, their statements are called into doubt by the evidence recently shown to the Sharn Inquisitive, ... (cont. on page 4)


We should act decisively to destroy all warforged. This act will not go unpunished! - Mayor Brock Odama

Sharn Inquisitive 16-4-998

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