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Power Groups

House Cannith

A Dragonmarked noble house, creators of the finest weapons and magic items in the continent, and the original creators of the warforged back during the Last War. The destruction of many of their key foundries and research institutions when the Mournland was created, and the subsequent banning of the creation of new warforged by the Treaty of Thronehold, has left the house in a less stable position than they once enjoyed, and a handful of internal factions are vying for control. They are still very powerful, albeit politically neutral, however, and at least some within the house might not be too forgiving of the PC’s recent actions.

Dark Lanterns

The King of Breland (the country Sharn is in) maintains a force of secret police dedicated to rooting out corruption and threats to the crown.


  • Gellen – the half-elf inquisitive that has been hiring the PCs for investigations.

The Lord of Blades

Rumors persist of a powerful warforged out in the desolation of the Mournland who preaches the superiority of warforged over all beings of flesh and blood, and who is drawing other ‘forged to his cause. Given recent events, the PCs have good cause to believe the rumors.


  • Chop – Not a member of the LoB’s organization, but was once approached by them to join, and pointed the PCs towards where he believed their hideout to be.

House Kundarak

A dragonmarked noble house of dwarves, they maintain the most secure and prevalent banks on the continent.

Heart and Soul

A small political activist group that wants to revoke the rights and freedom that the Treaty of Thronehold granted to warforged. Significantly less influential now that news of their internal scandal has come to light.


Sharn Inquisitive

A popular newspaper in the city and surrounding area.


  • Sado – A reporter who was given the story about the Lord of Blades’ attempted heist.

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